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Restructuring and Re-engineering

Welcome to Amsas Management consulting. Are there any symptoms your company can inform us which will help us in searching for the need, quantum, timing and cost benefit projections of a restructuring exercise?

Is your company, government department or organization suffering from the following symptoms:

Operational Symptoms

  • Continuously reducing employee productivity.
  • Delays in supply chain or distribution chain
  • Weak market feedback on products, prices and promotional policies.
  • High employee turnover.
  • Increasing confusion in divisional, individual and territorial performance accounting, appraisal etc.
  • High asset maintenance and repairs.
  • Decline in market development efforts.
  • Institutional overlaps and confusion

Strategic Symptoms

  • Growing mismatch between strategy formulations by owners and managers.
  • Decline in market leadership.
  • Imbalance between short-term tactics and long-term strategies.
  • Slowed down growth in overall industry.

Financial Symptoms

  • Increasing operating costs and cost of finances.
  • Falling share-price in the market, without a near future scope for correction.
  • Declining earning ratios.
  • Increasing costs of licenses, copy-rights, and patents.
  • imbalance between core cost and support cost.

Market, Economy-level and Global Symptoms

  • Substantial change in Government policies.
  • Sustained recession and shrinking International markets.
  • Cheaper funds availability from international markets.
  • Increasing replacement of skill and system employees by knowledge employees and entrepreneurial employees.
  • An economy in transition from the core sector to service sector to information tech-sector to advisory sector

If any of the above is being experienced by your organization then a restructuring is what you ought to look at.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

The current global financial crisis will make some companies more agile and forward looking when they take the necessary steps in either merging to become more stronger or be eaten up by a larger firm for business continuity. The ability to survive in these challenging times is also knowing which market to expand into and which one to exit.

At Amsas Consulting to ensure a successful M&A we value our four main pillars of co-ordination, co-operation, collaboration and commitment.

Other activities we can assist you with are:

  • Valuation of companies
  • Business process Re-engineering
  • Business Development in New markets
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) advisory
  • Institutional Development
  • Privatisation, Strategic Alliances, and JVs
  • Sovereign, Company, risk reports
  • Islamic Finance Advisory


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