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In a competitive world where innovation drives industries, where old industries are replaced overnight, where old processes are discarded and the only way of survival is in  perfecting processes and changing with a dynamic market. Where do you stand? and what are your goals? we are available to respond to your queries.

We will coordinate and work with you in achieving your goals. 

We can be reached on the shown details 24/7. Just try our services and you will appreciate our customer service that comes second to none.



Headquarters Contacts: 81 Chifley Drive, Preston,Victoria3072, 

Australia   Tel:+613-84003010, Fax:+61-3-86720703

mail: P.O.Box 1026 Ivanhoe, Victoria 3079, Australia.


Africa:P.O.Box 2677-00100, Nairobi, Kenya.

Office Tel:+254208030291



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