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 Risk Management

When you are trying to get a handle on your company's exposure to unexpected events, how do you decide which risks to avoid, which ones to mitigate and which ones to accept?

Risk management is a function that cannot be ignored in today's dynamic global market where companies that were once "too big to fail" are falling by the way-side putting in danger not only inter-corporational trusts but also bring systemic risk to the overall global financial system. We shall try to ameliorate and give you a sober view on how to tackle such challenges which are mostly strategic in nature.

Some basic Questions for executives and board of directors as they factor risk into their business plans and agendas are:

  • What's your perspective?
  • What is at stake?
  • What's your risk appetite?
  • Who is managing your risk?
  • Where are you on the risk continuum?
  • what is your risk profile?  

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are facing Strategic, Operational, Financial, Regulatory, Information,  or External Risks.


Project Management

Welcome to Amsas Management consultant's Project Management site. We are in the business of Managing projects for your company, government, or organization. We will deliver your projects on time and within budget (conditions apply). Are your Projects Synchronized? are your processes perfect? are your projects generating waste and over budgets? if all are in the affirmative then you need to talk to Amsas Management Consulting.


A project is a planned work activity, with an objective, to be achieved to specifications, within a stated time frame, which will obviously consume resources. The success or failure of your project will depend on how you manage the resources you have at hand.

At Amsas Consulting we will manage your projects by coordination, facilitating and taking responsibility.

The Benefits Amsas Consulting will be providing include and not limited to:

  • The Ability to define your project's results
  • The power to accurately estimate the time and resources necessary to finalize your project successfully
  • The know-how to anticipate problems and plan accordingly
  • The capacity to bring your projects within time and in budget


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Mail: P.O.Box 1026, Ivanhoe Victoria 3079, Australia.      


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