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17th April 2009

We have  access to 11,000  KM of Seismic  Lines  including the 1960s
Seismic data concerning  Somalia . We also have access to well Reports, detailed
Field Reports,Composite well logs, Maps and Drawings (Siesmic
Interpretations), Field Tapes(3900 KM) and Farm-in and Farm  Out documents. There are currently 23
leads and prospects ready to be drilled in one area alone in  Northern
Somalia. The Recoverable estimated oil from each prospect is 500  Million
Barrels of oil. 10 prospects  are  ready to be drilled without any infill
seismic or field  work. There are  small Gas discoveries in Southern
Somalia, Which the World Bank was interested in Marketing by constructing a pipe

We have access to 48  prospects and Leads in Somalia considered for drilling
in the future. Our data inventory (Listing) is detailed . The Field Tapes (3900 KM) mentioned above
have been originally converted from Magnetic Tapes into CDs  and can
be reviewed in  4 Formats. This field tapes covers areas from Mudug
Basin  to  areas in Southern Somalia  or South Sudan Graben Extension (or Anza Basin Extension)  and
also it covers Juba Basin. One of the wells drilled in the Extension of South Sudan
Graben (Anza Basin in Kenya) into Somalia was 16,500 Feet  deep with proven gas findings.

We also have Geochemical survey work done in December, 2008 that compares the Mudug Basin with Nugal Basin.

Please if you want to purchase DATA for any areas contact us at

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